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Latest Titus Cabinet Hardware Advances Coupled with Added Capacity


August 18, 2022 | Press Release

Keeping customers’ needs in mind, Titus provides cabinet hardware solutions that improve their competitiveness. At this year’s IWF, it enters with a strengthened service for customers, following the acquisition of the manufacturing company Precision Plastics in Columbia City, Indiana.

Visitors to Titus stand C1462 will have the opportunity to experience the advantages of Titus flagship hinge family T-type, designed for quick assembly and a lifetime of consistent performance. In response to customers’ need for handle less cabinet designs, Titus is presenting Tekform Slimline Tacto, designed for intuitive mounting and effortless operation of drawers without handles. In the area of custom damping solutions, the highlights are Slidix, a comprehensive range of damping solutions for applications in sliding, pocket and barn doors.

Titus Acquired Precision Plastics, Columbia City, IN

In January Titus Group announced the acquisition of Precision Plastics in Columbia City, Indiana. Precision Plastics brings over 60 years of manufacturing experience and a long history supplying the automotive sector. The combination will enhance Titus’ capabilities by providing added capacity to meet their current customers’ needs.

Titus Group Chairman, Robert Appleby says: “Titus is no stranger to US manufacturing. In the 1980’s Titus established itself on the West Coast as a connector manufacturer for the RTA furniture industry. The addition of Precision Plastic’s experienced plastic engineering team to the Titus Group’s current US logistics center and customer support staff which have been established in the Midwest for many years enables us to introduce new products from new processes and enhance our delivery capabilities to all our North American customers.”

T-type designed for a lifetime of consistent performance

The innovative, award-winning T-type hinge with integrated damping is an uncompromisingly reliable hinge with a long-lasting, consistent performance of 200,000 cycles, which is especially important for thicker and heavier cabinet doors where sagging is an issue. Its key features are simplicity of assembly, wide tolerances and reliable soft closing on a wide range of doors.

The 3Way snap-on intuitive hinge-to-plate mounting (top, front, and back) makes installation a breeze, especially on tall doors, as it significantly reduces the time and effort it takes to assemble a kitchen.

T-type is designed to provide ConfidentClose, consumer preferred way of soft closing of the door: fast closing, late start of deceleration action and quiet landing with SoftTouch.

Tekform Slimline Tacto – effortless touch opening system on drawers

Titus combined its push latch technology knowhow with the push-to-open knowledge of Kinetics division and introduced an efficient push-to-open solution for drawers.

The result is Tekform Slimline thin wall drawer now upgraded with Tacto touch opening system for effortless opening of handleless drawer fonts. In short, this means easy opening and reliable closing.

Tekform Slimline Tacto has the activator integrated into the drawer runner, while all other components remain the same as for the ‘standard’ Slimline version, as do drilling and fixing positions. This feature makes the installation simple and precise. The simplicity to mount is further supported by a non-handed Tacto mechanism that is intuitively placed into the correct position without the need of predrilling. Tacto mechanism follows the ‘One-for-All’ principle, meaning that one item provides push-open feature to a range of metal and glass drawers.

Tekform Slimline Tacto is a good example of an exciting new solution for customers resulting from the merger of Titus and Kinetics expertise in damping and push to open solutions.

Quickfit TL5 ‘Full Metal Jacket’ dowels – high performance and reliability in dia 5mm holes and all wood-based materials

Designed with strength and performance in mind, the Titus Quickfit TL5, ‘Full Metal Jacket’ dowel connector delivers reliable connections in all common wood-based materials. This includes MDF, chipboard and solid wood, all without the need for additional wooden dowels.

Quickfit TL5 dowel, an award-winning solution, is the fastest fitting on the market, developed to make cabinet assembly fast and easy with tool-free insertion. Thanks to its unique expandable steel sleeve, it is the only Quickfit dowel on the market that reliably engages in a 5mm dowel hole, enabling the use of the tool-less Quickfit dowel insertion technology across a wide range of applications in RTA furniture where 5mm drilling is the standard, thus maintaining rigid furniture construction that doesn’t loosen with age.

Flush System 6 connectors – Efficient solution for closet assembly

A wealth of Titus’ experience from four decades of manufacturing and providing cam & dowel solutions have gone into designing the new Titus Flush System 6 connector with its flat head, forms an even surface when it is inserted into the board.

Its flushed design provides an efficient way to flat pack closet systems and prevents panel damage during transportation or storage. Its compatibility with the standard self-adhesive cover caps reduces the amount of SKU’s. Flush System 6 retains all benefits of Titus’ System 6 family. Face-boring connector that works well in many different applications is an excellent choice for closet manufacturers with limited drilling possibilities. Using the Flush System 6 cam in combination with Titus Quickfit dowel is the fastest and the easiest way for home assembly of cabinets walk-in closets, garage storage systems and other shelving units, which can be easily removed without panel damage and reinstalled at any location.

Slidix Family – Control the motion of sliding doors

Slidix is a comprehensive range of damping solutions for applications in various internal sliding door systems, wardrobes, and various drawer systems from cabinet slides to refrigerators.

With a damping stroke of 50 or 100mm, Slidix assures efficient damping at any closing speed, providing consistent performance over any application from

5kg to 120kg. It can be applied on various materials such as wood, glass, hollowcore, plastics and others. Customers can choose three possible movement principles that can damp the object from inside-out, outside-in or in both directions, all depending on the required Slidix position and space limitation, speed of closing, weight and present friction. All gathered in a compact design with low impact in the application, which means manufacturer needs less adaptation to fit the mechanism to different door situations.

Slidix TF is an excellent choice for damping of a single door leaf, like in barn or pocket door applications. It incorporates two dampers in a single unit that provides damping of a single door in two directions. This makes it especially suitable when the doors are narrow and the space to install two separate damping devices is limited. Slidix TF is mounted on top of the door making door closing and opening soft and without a re-bounce. Slidix TF can be easily fine-tuned to specific requirements of a customer’s sliding system depending on weight, friction, and speed.

PushPlus for Pocket door

PushPlus is the only system on the market with push opening and soft-landing function connected in a single mechanism to assure effortless and comfortable opening and closing of interior pocket sliding doors.

Typically, a pocket sliding door in fully open position stops slightly before the wall hole, protruding and obstructing the area available for moving. Titus PushPlus system allows the door to retreat completely into the wall. For maximum comfort, safety and silence in use, the system provides damping in the opening direction. It combines best features from both – consistent and reliable door damping and effortless opening of handle-less pocket doors. Handle less pocket doors are perfectly flushed with the wall, enabling the maximum openness of the gateways. The hidden push-open mechanism assures confident release of the door only by a slight push on the frame. When storing them back into the wall frame the damper inside mechanism provides smooth and reliable soft closing at the last stage of opening, making the door disappear silently and with maximum user comfort.

About Titus Group

The UK owned Titus Group develops, manufactures and markets innovative precision component solutions that improve competitiveness of its customers in various industries. Through innovative product design, high-volume manufacturing expertise and efficient service it enables business partners to improve their productivity and quality as well as reduce costs of assembly, manufacturing and other processes. The majority of the Company’s turnover comes from its core activity, the production of furniture connectors, concealed hinges and furniture damping. The precision engineering competence gained in the field of furniture hardware has been applied to other areas: multi-purpose damping technology, automated assembly systems, tooling, precision die casting service and ultrasound fastening technology in various industries such as furniture, home appliances, automotive, medical devices and hardware. For more information and photos, please visit


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