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Unveiling the Radial Arm Saw


March 27, 2024 | Dan Wellens

In the world of woodworking, where precision is paramount, the radial arm saw stands tall as the original indispensable tool of the shop. Its versatility, historical significance, and innovative offerings from companies like the Original Saw Company make it an essential component of any woodworker’s arsenal.

The concept of the radial arm saw traces back to the late 19th century when it was first developed by Raymond DeWalt, the founder of DeWalt tools. However, it was not until the mid-20th century that the radial arm saw gained widespread popularity among woodworkers. Originally designed for industrial use, its adaptability and accuracy quickly caught the attention of woodworking enthusiasts and professionals alike. The radial arm saw revolutionized woodworking by providing a versatile cutting solution for a wide range of materials. Its unique design allows for precise crosscuts, rip cuts, dado cuts, and more, making it a multipurpose tool in any woodworking shop. Unlike other saws, the radial arm saw can be easily adjusted to accommodate various angles and depths, offering unparalleled flexibility in cutting operations.

Among the leading manufacturers of radial arm saws is the Original Saw Company, renowned for its commitment to quality. Their 16″ beam saw, powered by a robust 7.5HP motor and boasting a 64″ crosscut capacity, exemplifies their dedication to craftsmanship and performance. This powerhouse of a saw ensures accuracy and efficiency, allowing woodworkers to tackle even the most demanding projects with ease. In woodworking shops where floor space is a premium, the 20″ Super Duty Radial Arm Saw from the Original Saw Company emerges as a game-changer. With its impressive 6.5″ cutting depth and a 33″ crosscut capacity, this compact yet powerful saw can handle the majority of cutting tasks in the shop. Its space-saving design maximizes efficiency without compromising performance, making it an ideal solution for workshops of all sizes.

Pro Tip: For shops with single-phase power – be sure to check out the 16” Super Duty Radial Arm Saw which boasts an impressive 4.375 cut depth and 33” crosscut. 

Despite the advent of modern cutting tools, the radial arm saw remains unparalleled in its efficiency and versatility. Its ability to perform a wide range of cuts accurately and consistently makes it a cornerstone of woodworking operations. Whether it’s crafting intricate joinery or ripping through thick stock, the radial arm saw proves its worth time and again. So, next time you step into a woodworking shop, never underestimate the importance of the radial arm saw—it just might be the key to unlocking your next masterpiece.


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