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Securing Your CNC Workpiece: All*Star CNC’s Innovative Gasketing Solutions


September 20, 2023 | Dan Wellens

Owning a CNC machine can be a game-changer for any woodworker or manufacturer, allowing for precision cuts and intricate designs. However, it’s no secret that one of the significant challenges when working with a CNC machine is ensuring that your workpiece stays securely in place during the cutting process. Few things are more frustrating than watching your carefully crafted project shift under the pressure of the CNC’s feeds and speeds. This is where All*Star CNC steps in, revolutionizing CNC vacuum hold-down with their quality gasketing products.

Applying in-board gasket

The key to enhancing the performance of a CNC vacuum system lies in the gasket material. Gasketing is the secret sauce that can transform a basic down-draft application into a powerful vacuum clamping system. This was my “Aha” moment – you don’t need a larger vacuum pump for better performance, you need to create a more efficient air-tight seal for your material.

One of their notable gasketing solutions is Grid Gasketing. This non-adhesive material is used around the perimeter of the CNC router table or pod. Available in both square and rounded variants, its purpose is to fill the channel. This creates a tight, air-sealed environment beneath your spoil board or fixture board, preventing your workpiece from shifting during CNC operations.

On-board gasketing system

On Board Gasketing takes a different approach. It’s an adhesive-backed material placed directly on the surface of a fixture or spoil board. This solution excels in short-run jobs where a dedicated fixture might not be practical. By concentrating and centralizing the vacuum force on your workpiece.

Applying the tile gasket

For those engaged in Nested Base Manufacturing, All*Star has introduced The Tile Gasket. These tiles cover an entire MDF porous spoil board and offer the benefits of a proper gasketing solution. Not only do they reduce the likelihood of vacuum leakage during tool paths, but the strategically placed 1/4″ holes create a universal clamping system that effectively holds entire sheets.

Tile gasket

The challenge of securing workpieces on a CNC machine is one that every CNC owner understands. All*Star CNC is leading the charge in innovative gasketing solutions that cater to a wide range of needs. Whether you’re working with small, intricate parts or large sheets, their gasketing products offer a reliable and efficient way to ensure your work stays put! Go check out their line of products and be prepared to see how inefficiently you have been utilizing your machines vacuum system. You will have your own “Aha” moment. Because I sure did. Visit them at or see them at IWF 2024.


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