#Shelfie: Floating Shelves for Modern Style & Open Organization

30. July 2018 08:29

With the popularity of airy, open spaces, floating shelves have proven themselves as a go-to option for open storage & display. Floating shelves are the perfect component for keeping office supplies within arm’s reach, for displaying your favorite wine glasses in a wet bar, or for making walk-in closet wall art out of your favorite heels. Floating gracefully (pun intended!) between storage and style, floating shelves add modern flair to any space.

Floating shelves can come in a variety of materials with many different mounting options. Northern Contours floating shelves have a miter folded construction for strong, modern lines and an internal bracket that’s hidden when mounted. Available in our 3D Laminate, Wood Veneer and High Gloss Wired materials, there are dozens of colors and finish options to choose from. Floating shelf accessories may match or contrast adjacent cabinetry, and both design options are popular choices for Home Organization spaces.

When choosing floating shelves for display or utility, it’s important to keep manufacturer specifications in mind when it comes to weight and installation of the shelves. For safety and the integrity of the shelves, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for installation in wall studs with the proper anchors, and take note of the recommended load per lineal foot.

Here are some tips for getting the most out of decorative or display shelves! In a wet bar, use floating shelves to display your favorite glasses and utilize the countertop for ice bucket and heavier bottles of spirits. In a walk-in closet, display your favorite handbags, heels, and hats, and save the ski gear for the closet. By finding the right balance of style and organization, you’ll get the most out of your floating shelves.

Join Michele Weitzel for her presentation “What’s Trending in Colors and Textures” at the IWF 2018 Closets Symposium to learn more about Floating Shelves from Northern Contours.

About Northern Contours

Northern Contours is a cabinet door and components manufacturer with over 25 years of industry experience. We serve a variety of customers on a custom and volume basis in Kitchen & Bath, Home Organization, Commercial Furniture, and Refacing markets. Manufacturing expertise in membrane pressing, miter folding, laminating & edgebanding, machining & routing, and 5-piece door assembly. We operate six facilities throughout the US and Canada for full coverage of North America.



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