22. June 2018 11:45

By: Jamison Scott, Air Handling Systems

Dealing with combustible dust is no easy task.  However there are ways to mitigate fugitive dust.  One of the simplest, easiest and most logical is housekeeping.  It is much easier to keep a clean surface clean.  If you cannot tell the surface color of the machine your work area is too dirty.  For example, if the original color of the machine is blue and it appears to be brown, the color change is due to fugitive dust that escaped somewhere, somehow.  This means not only cleaning up but also finding the source of the fugitive dust.  Once the work area is clean and the source or sources are dealt with, your fugitive dust issue becomes that much easier to manager.

To learn more about his topic, check out the "Combustible Explosive Issue" session at the IWF 2018 Education Conference.


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