Software Acclimation

12. June 2018 15:51

If possible, get acclimated to your software program long before you install the machine. Learn the software, use the software, and then the transition when you get the machine will go much more smoothly.

Chris Dehmer of Dark Horse Woodworks (Atlanta, GA) explains how he actually invested in the software ahead of time, did all of the design work in that, and then had it cut at another shop. Eventually he was ready to purchase his own CNC machine. “The mistake most people make,” Chris elaborated, “is that they buy the router first and then figure out how to use the software.” Buying the software first worked well for him.

Leland Thomasset of Taghkanic Woodworks (Pawling, NY) agrees with Chris’s method. “Many times, it’s not so much a mistake, but people go all in,” Leland explained. “We had CabinetVision for the better part of nine years before we purchased our CNC, so I had a good solid footing under me of how to use the software.”

Leland admitted that although it is getting easier, there’s still a steep learning curve if you take on CNC and software simultaneously. If you own the software and know how to use it when the CNC arrives Leland claimed “literally we were making cabinets the same day they set up the CNC.” It doesn’t matter what brand of software you use, he can’t stress enough that you should have a good grasp of and comfort behind the computer screen before you buy your machine.

Leland also recommends that after you learn the software then you should hire somebody who knows how to use it. At this point, you should have enough knowledge to understand what they’re doing.

If you are interested in learning more about how and why Chris and Leland learned their software first and then they bought their CNC, register to attend Buying that Big Machine during IWF.






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