The Art of Pricing Profitably

9. April 2018 13:35

By: Bobbo Buckley, Software Developer: Cabinotch Innovative Solutions

We will be hosting a program at the IWF Education Conference that is all about the mechanics of your estimating system, what you do with your costs. How to take those costs and apply them to what will become your Estimate, and ultimately your Proposal (and we will spend time distinguishing between an Estimate and a Proposal).

We will cover in detail the principles used in the design of an Estimating Software program I have been a part of since 1999, principles I believe help cabinetmakers sleep well the night after providing highly difficult or complex estimates. Principles that help take your costs and build upon them to provide an Estimate that carries a level of detail that requires no supporting drawings for the vast majority of projects.

As mentioned earlier, Estimates are the gateway to revenue and profits, so we need to be acutely aware that we do not provide Estimates for the sake of providing Estimates, but to win projects. We will spend the last portion of our time together talking about just that, how our Estimates, and our presentation of those Estimates can be an integral part of our sales and marketing program.

To learn more about this topic, check out the The Art of Pricing Profitably at IWF 2018.


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