Solid Surface Thermoforming

17. May 2016 14:56

Solid Surface Thermoforming

By: Keith Haight

I have questioned a variety of architects and designers what they think of when I say “solid surface.” Their typical response is Flat and Horizontal.  In other words, they think of countertops.  This is justified since solid surface did get it’s start primarily as countertops for the residential kitchen.   

However, solid surface has transitioned very nicely from the residential kitchen countertop into a material that is now being used extensively in commercial applications.  With these applications, Flat and Horizontal may still be the chosen design more often than not.  This workshop will help change all that by showcasing how solid surface can be thermoformed and thus transformed from flat and horizontal into sweeping 2D and 3D designs that will enhance any project. 

We will not only discuss the variety of tools and equipment involved with thermoforming, we will explore the process parameters and tricks of the trade to help set you up with a very successful offering and operation.

If you currently fabricate solid surface and you are looking to enhance your company’s offering, why not consider thermoforming?  This workshop will prove most beneficial to you and your company as we outline what it takes to incorporate this technology for successful projects.  Even if you currently do not fabricate solid surface but you are considering it, this workshop will help you see the benefits solid surface can bring to your business.

To learn more about this topic check out the "Exploring Countertop Options Symposium" at IWF 2016.


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