Tuesday – Friday | August 25-28, 2020

Georgia World Congress Center | Atlanta, GA | USA


What is the Challengers Award®?


The IWF Challengers Distinguished Achievement Award® has become known throughout the world for recognizing outstanding companies who have distinguished themselves by developing innovative technology in products, services, or manufacturing techniques that will advance the industry.

The Challengers Award 2020 Entry Deadline has been extended to April 24th.

The official Call for Entries for the 2020 competition is open to all contracted exhibitors of IWF 2020. We have received calls from exhibitors requesting a deadline extension to submit Challengers Award entries.  To accommodate IWF exhibitors the judging panel has agreed to a compressed evaluation time so that the deadline is now extended from April 1st to April 24th.  

You will find all of the information you will need to participate in the competition on The IWF 2020 Challengers Award Entry Form here.  Please download and open in Adobe in order to complete and save your form.

A panel of 10 distinguished judges, whom are all industry professionals representing a broad cross-section of the industry reviewed and analyzed each entry. The finalists will perform live demonstrations for the panel of judges, who will then make their final decisions on the most innovative product development. The Finalists will be on display in The Challengers Award Gallery throughout the duration of the show.

Learn more about the IWF Challengers Distinguished Achievement Award® and see the 2018 Winners here.

For more information regarding the 2020 Challengers Distinguished Achievement Award® competition, please contact JP Roberts at jp@iwfatlanta.com or by phone at 404-693-8333.

See what recipients of the 2018 Challengers Distinguished Achievement Award® had to say:

Chad Giese, The Beck Fastener Group

"In 2018 we submitted a new innovation in the collated fastener area for the 2018 IWF Challenger Award.  It was our first time entering and the application process was simple and stress free because of the support of the staff with the International Wood Fair.  They were so quick to answer any questions that we had.  Being accepted as a finalist was such an accomplishment for the entire team at The Beck Fastener Group!  The judges asked very well thought out questions about LignoLoc, our patented collated nails made from wood.  Winning a Challenger Award at IWF in 2018 really propelled word of mouth here in North America for us and created a huge buzz at the show for us as well.  Winning this prestigious award was not only an honor and something that we have become very proud of, but also something that has given us some additional attention and focus in our targeted market space. 

Ruan du Toit, CEO - Felder Group USA

"We truly enjoyed entering the Challengers Award competition in 2018 with our Format - 4 Creator CNC machine. The Creator has some unique features and capabilities as the name indicates.  It was very exciting to win this prestigious award. The Creator has been a subject of many conversation over the last several months and we are excited to challenge once again for the top spot in 2020. Thanks again to our team and also IWF for this honor and well organized event."

Jeremy Lycans, Sales & Marketing Manager - Eagle Machinery & Supply Inc

"Eagle Machinery & Supply, Inc. had a great experience entering the IWF Challengers Award Competition. Our industry is ever-changing and in great need of innovation to perpetuate advancement. Our EagleEye TalonVision Saw is an example of the innovation this industry needs to succeed. As with any new and potentially great product, getting the word out about the capabilities and how it could help a company simplify their process and increase gains is crucial. We at Eagle would like to thank the judges on the panel for selecting the EagleEye TalonVision Saw for the award in 2018. It’s certainly turned heads amongst our clientele and has given Eagle even more exposure to demonstrate who Eagle is and how we serve our industry. We are looking forward to competing again in 2020 with our innovative StraitLine Ripsaw solutions."