IWF 2020 Challengers Award Entries

The Challengers Distinguished Achievement Award® is an internationally recognized competition for companies in the woodworking industry that have developed new and innovative technologies that advance the industry. Below are the 52 entries listed alphabetically by company name from the 2020 competition. From these entries 20 Finalists will be chosen by the Challengers Award Judging Committee and will compete to be one of the 7 winners announced on opening day of IWF 2020.

Be sure to visit these innovative companies at IWF 2020 and see some of the newest technology to make your business more productive and efficient.


  Company Entry Name : Model Name Booth #
Accuride-logo-web.gif Accuride International, Inc. Senseon Plus : Senseon Plus System
Apollo Sprayers International, Inc. Precision-5 PRO LIMITED EDITION : P5PROLE-110-7700QT B4135
BACCI America Robotic Feed System for High Volume Batch One Outside Profile/Sand Process : Master.Pro Triple Table CNC plus Robotic Feed B6773
BAI FU CO., LTD 125KHZ RFID Card Lock : NBWS-001/NBWS-002 C1384
        Bill's Custom Trim LLC The Chatternator®Add on Profile Sander : Model #100 A10519
         Bill's Custom Trim LLC The Chatternator®Stand Alone Profile Sander : Model #200 A10519
Blum, Inc. EASY ASSEMBLY App C1846
Burkle North America Inc./EFI Burkle/EFI Cubik Mineral Inks : EFI Cubik Ecosystem B8335 & B8338
C.R. Onsrud Inc. Osync Machine Analytics Version 3.3

CNC Factory Python XPR - with 5th Generation Technology A10051
Colonial-Logo-300-dpi-PNG-web.gif Colonial Saw Company Lamello Cabineo 8 M6 : Cabineo 8 M6
        Crows Nest Software, Inc. Crows Nest Software : Crows Nest C2666
EagleLogo-web.gif Eagle Machinery & Supply, Inc./WoodEye Eagle Straitline Gang Rip Saw : MB24-4H
Federal Brace Versa Bracket : FB-03768 & FB-03933 (2 sizes) C1230
        FELDER Group USA lightPos-LED Vacuum Pods Positioning : Format4 CNC machining centers profit H200, H300 and H350 B7535
            FELDER Group USA glueBox Glue System : Format-4 | Temora B7535
              FELDER Group USA PCS9Preventive Contact System : Format 4 | Kappa 550 PCS B7535
Gema-Logo-Black-Red-250x91-web.gif Gema USA, Inc. OptiFlex Pro : OFP-GM04-CG20-IG07 C853 
Guffey Systems Guffey Systems Spray Rack  BC1208
Hafele America Co. Connect Mesh : Various C1840
Hafele America Co. Free Space : Various C1840
Hafele America Co. Ixconnect Claw Connector CC 8/5/30 : Various C1840
Hymmen-GmbH-logo-web.gif Hymmen GmbH Maschinen-und Anlagenbau Digital Staining : JUPITER Digital Printing Line
      ICA North America S-MATT : UVX - UVAX - AOX - OPX C2358
    IFS Coatings, Inc. PureClad Powder Coatings for Wood  C756
KANEFUSA_LOGO-web.gif Kanefusa USA, Inc Eco Enshin Knife : Eco Enshin B4860
  MTC-Logo-600-DPI-web.gif Machine Tool Camp, LLC Door Jamb Machine : HARP 7713-AL


MB-Maschinenbau GmbH ROBA Fusion Double End Tenoner : ROBA Fusion 1 B7821
Micro Jig,Inc. MATCHFIT Dovetail Clamp AP : DVC-850AP B4600
Next Wave Automation Virtual Zero Unlimited : VZU A10551
Northtech Machine, LLC Touch Activated Straight Line Rip Saw Fence : L5 No Lock Air Lock Fence B6069
Ogden Group Robot Random Length Veneer Feeder : RVF 75 B5753
Oneida-Air-Systems-Logo-web.gif Oneida Air Systems, Inc. 10" Single Phase Rotary Air Lock Valve : SAZ100001
Oneida-Air-Systems-Logo-web.gif Oneida Air Systems, Inc. Benchtop Dust Collector : XAK000000 B4828
Oneida-Air-Systems-Logo-web.gif Oneida Air Systems, Inc. Dust Deputy Bagger Cyclone Separator Kit : AXD000002-DDB B4828
Oneida-Air-Systems-Logo-web.gif Oneida Air Systems, Inc. Supercell High-Pressure Dust Collector : XSK000035 B4828
PaintLine Portable Jobsite SprayBooth : PJSB A9837
Peak_Logo-web.png Peak Toolworks Endurance Diamond Finger Joint Cutters : Diamond Finger Joint
Pillar Machine Pillar HP5D : HP5D B8073
Pressing Developments, LLC. Kora Veneer : Walnut C2222
Samet Kalip ve Madeni Esya San ve Tic A.S. D-Lite Lift/Lift-Up Door Systems : D-Lite Lift Hingeless Single Lift-Up Door Systems C1822
Samet Kalip ve Madeni Esya San ve Tic A.S. Flowbox / Power Drawer Bos Systems : Flowbox / Power Soft Close Height 106mm Length 500mm C1822
Samet Kalip ve Madeni Esya San ve Tic A.S. Supreme American Type face Frame Cabinet Hinge : Supreme Hinge 1-1/4 C1822
Shelf-Maid Shelf-Maid Floating Shelf Bracket : T-LOC BC203
TigerStop-Logo-205w_LOGO_web.png TigerStop LLC TigerSaw Miter XL : MiterXL B6013
Topp Line Incorporated The Blind Stapler : #1 A10847
    Uneeda Enterprizes, Inc. EKADIAMOND SPONGES  C2240
USNR_R-250pxl-web.png USNR AddVantage Chop & Rip Saw Optimizer with Deep Learning AI : AddVantage AI A9830
      Välinge Innovation Sweden AB No Tool Assembly of Framed Cabinets : Threespine® C2935
Voorwood Company A5615 Style and Rail Machine : A5615 B7335
Weinig Holz-Her USA/Kündig AG KUNDIG Cados : #27492
B6034, B6035 & B6452

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