Interior Designer Julia Wong Adopts Senseon High Tech Locks in Kitchen Remodel

Bill Esler

Internationally-recognized interior designer Julia Wong
uses Senseon to unlock a cabinet in her remodeled kitchen.

SANTA FE SPRINGS, CA – World-renowned residential and commercial designer Julia Wong wanted to add security locks into her elegant cabinetry designs.

But to preserve the clean lines in her look, Wong decided on using concealed locks, which are opened by a keycard, an approach that maintains the simplicity and power of her designs. For her upscale clients, as well as for her own home, Wong turned to Senseon, the Accuride business that offers cabinet-level access control systems. 

Senseon worked with Wong to design solutions that secure doors and drawers of cabinets, limiting access to contents, as well as containing potentially hazardous items without marring the aesthetic with clunky locks.

Senseon, a division of Accuride International, offers a unique, cabinet-level access control system that enhances security, efficiency and aesthetics for cabinet doors and drawers, display cases, and other applications. It can function as a standalone unit or be integrated with other access control and building management systems. Applications include retail, jewelry, healthcare, finance, hospitality, as well as residential. Features include concealed locks four times as strong as standard cam locks, streamlined access management, and automatic relocking. A Senseon Plus version adds actionable data and intelligent security features, such as audit trail and reports, dual authentication, and discrete access capabilities.

Wong, the principal of California-based Julia Wong Designs, wanted “to create a design that’s not only beautiful but also very, very functional. 

"I think great design today is integrating design and technology." Wong says, "But I don’t want to see the technology."

Some systems for concealed locks require unsightly wires or protruding locks, which can feel overwhelming and ultimately inhibit the design. Wong liked the way Senseon offered a discreet and easy way to safeguard valuable jewelry, art and important documents for her clients. It also lets clients to secure items that need to be kept off-limits.

When she began remodeling the kitchen of her own California home, Wong asked Senseon for a commercial-strength but unobtrusive solution to protect her young daughter from items such as knives and alcoholic beverages stored in drawers and cabinets.

Wong says Senseon, which features strong but concealed locks
and controlled access, makes tech disappear.

“The product allows me to integrate design and technology seamlessly,” she says. “I can design clean lines while providing my clients the security that they need.”

Wong says her clients love the system, and it has done the trick in her kitchen, where Wong does not have to worry about losing her cabinet keys, or her daughter finding them. The designer taps her RFID keycard to unlock doors and drawers. If cabinets are left unlocked, an auto-relock feature kicks in after a pre-determined period. 

Wong says she plans to collaborate with Senseon on future residential and retail projects.

“True design goes beyond style, and Senseon really helps me, both on the security and the functionality side, to achieve what I’m looking for,” Wong says.

Sid Kalantar, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Senseon., says Julia Wong’s experience with Senseon illustrates how the company's lock systems solutions allow interior designers to bridge the gap between security and aesthetics. 

“We’re delighted that this esteemed designer has selected Senseon to advance her inventive concepts," Kalantar says. "She is an ideal partner in that she shares our commitment to innovation, robust access control, and technology that complements style.” 


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