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Welcome to the Cabinet Makers Association Professional Certification Program

IWF 2012 was the site for the first expanded live sessions for the new CMA Professional Certification Program and we will be offering them again at IWF 2014. There were two types of CMA sessions that make up certification programming. Curriculum sessions contain required knowledge to pass CMA testing. CEU sessions are elective sessions. A person enrolled in our certification program is required to earn 4.0 CEUs per year and to pass applicable testing.


You do not need to be a CMA member or enrolled in our certification program to attend any of these sessions. All are welcome to attend. However, if you wish to have any credits available from these sessions to apply toward your future CMA professional certification, you must enroll and pay CMA program fees within one year from the date of the session. You are not required to be a CMA member to become CMA certified, however, we do offer substantial discounts to CMA members on session and program fees.

Check out a quick overview of the CMA Certification session* topics that will be offered at IWF 2014 below:

Time Wednesday, August 20th 2014
TBD       CMA1 - Advanced Website, Web Analytics and Adwords
or Keywords Advertising/Marketing Techniques*
TBD      CMA5 -  Managing multiple jobs, time and
priorities while seeking new opportunities.
TBD CMA2 - Managing and Understanding the Sales Process
TBD  CMA13 - Pricing strategies for the new economy: Make sure
your pricing is in sync with today's market while ensuring
you the profit you deserve.
TBD CMA3 - Guerilla Marketing/Non-Traditional sales
and marketing techniques that work!


Time Thursday, August 21st 2014
TBD       CMA4 - Working with Designers and Architects
TBD CMA6 - Automating your shop-what comes first
TBD CMA7 - The Executive Woodworker-Clear path from shop floor to front
office to retirement/selling/transferring of an ongoing valuable business.
TBD CMA8 - Lean manufacturing techniques and the
Theory of Constraints for the Small to Mid Sized shop.
TBD CMA15 -Stop Finger Pointing Before It Starts …
Coordinating Residential & Commercial Projects (co-session with ISFA)


Time Friday, August 22nd  2014
TBD   CMA9 -   Estimating and Project Management
TBD CMA10 - Managing a profitable wood finishing operation
TBD CMA11 - Modern production techniques and tricks to using CNC and software.
TBD CMA14 - Euro vs. Face frame -Tools, techniques and manufacturing systems
that work for each and for both types to optimize yield and profits.
TBD CMA12 - From Concept to Design to Sold!


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