August 22 – 25, 2018

Georgia World Congress Center | Atlanta, GA| USA

IWF Challengers Award® Competition

What is the Challengers Award®?
The IWF Challengers Distinguished Achievement Award® has become known throughout the world for recognizing outstanding companies who have distinguished themselves by developing innovative technology in products, services, or manufacturing techniques that will advance the industry.

A panel of 10 distinguished judges, whom are all industry professionals representing a broad cross-section of the industry review and analyze each entry. The top finalists will be announced at the end of May 2018 and final judging will take place the day before IWF 2018 opens. On that Tuesday, the finalists will perform live demonstrations for the panel of judges, who then make their final decisions on the most innovative product developments.



  The 2016 Challengers Distinguished Achievement Award®
  marked the 50th anniversary of the competition and culminated with a presentation held on the
  show floor on opening day during which the winners were announced and presented with the now
  familiar distinctive bronze sculpture.

  For more information regarding the 2018 Challengers Distinguished Achievement Award®
  competition, please contact JP Roberts at
jp@iwfatlanta.comor by phone at 404-693-8333.

See what recipients of the 2016 Challengers Distinguished Achievement Award® had to say:

Shawn Pressley, Salice America Inc.
"Salice America submitted a new and innovative Salice Air hinges for the IWF 2016 Challengers award.
The entire process was very simple and easy and we were given support and directions from the IWF team throughout the submittal and the finalist stage. The judges were all very open and asked us many questions about the product and its place in the market which gave us a great opportunity to get this new product ready for the market.

Winning the 2016 Challengers award for the new and innovative Air hinge and the print, video and word of mouth advertising we received has pushed this new and innovative product into areas we had not been in before. It has created customer requests to see and use the Air hinges. Being a Challengers Award Winner has shown to be a great benefit to Salice America."



Paul Jakala, Director of International Sales & Marketing, LMT•Onsrud
“We are very pleased with the outcome of winning the IWF 2016 Challengers Award for our entry "Polar Compression."  Since winning the award, sales have increased 221% over prior first quarter."

Laura Brinkley, Giben America, Inc.
"The Challengers Award represents an opportunity for the Anderson Group and more specifically, the Giben brand, to show our latest and greatest technology by competing it in a truly internationally recognized contest. Winning the Challengers Award allows us to show the level of innovation and top level engineering of our products and also brings a high degree of motivation and recognition to the engineering and manufacturing teams who rarely get praise for their hard work."

Paolo Bacci, Bacci
"Bacci was the first Italian company to win the IWF Challengers Award back in 1986, and it was a special feeling to win it again 30 years later in 2016. As innovative manufacturers, we appreciate that IWF recognizes companies for their work. The value of winning this prestigious award stretches from a morale booster to the team behind the design to an increase in visibility after the show which has led to stronger sales.”