August 22 – 25, 2018

Georgia World Congress Center | Atlanta, GA| USA


IWF 2016 Challengers Award Finalists

The purpose of the Challengers Distinguished Achievement Award ® is to encourage and promote the development of innovative new technology in the field of woodworking machinery, supplies, and services for the furniture, kitchen cabinets, architectural woodwork, store fixture, upholstery, or specialty and general wood product industries.

A panel of 10 distinguished judges, all industry professionals representing a broad cross-section of the industry, review and analyze each entry. The finalist judging takes place the day before IWF opens. On that Tuesday, the finalists perform live demonstrations for the panel of judges, who then make their final decisions on the most innovative product developments.

The Challengers Distinguished Achievement Award® culminates with a presentation held on the show floor on opening day during which the winners are announced and presented with the now familiar distinctive bronze sculpture.  Following are the 21 Finalists from the 2016 competition.

*Entries are listed alphabetically



Accuride International, Inc. - Booth 1607
  Senseon Secure Access System
  Senseon is the all-new electronic lock secure access system and an innovation of Accuride International.
  Flexible, intuitive, and secure, Senseon’s invisible RFID reader integrates seamlessly into commercial or
  retail environments. Accuride continues to be committed to developing new precision movement
  technologies to keep you moving forward.

  Vitap CNC Acoustic Panel Boring Machine

  The Point Acoustic is a compact CNC machine designed specifically for the manufacturing of
  acoustic/sound absorbing panels, which represents a growing segment of the wood industry.
  These panels address noise pollution, which many studies have confirmed to be causing a
  serious impact in the environment, workplaces, cinemas, theaters, as well as private
  Advantages of Point Acoustic:

    - Drilling from below greatly improves dust collection
  - Compact machine only requires 40 sq. ft. of space
  - Noise reduction
  - Extremely fast production with very fast ROI
  - Affordable machine cost
  - Minimum equipment maintenance, electrical and pneumatic costs






  CNC Router for Shaping & Sanding Cabinets Doors Outside Profile                                      
  The Bacci Master/Pro dual spindle, twin or triple table 6-Axes CNC Machining center for shaping and  
  sanding the outside profile of custom kitchen cabinet doors; the first, best and only CNC pod and rail
  machine for true, high volume (600 doors per shift! or more with triple table!) Batch One processing
  of custom five piece doors.


  Viet Robotic sanding of cross grain scratching and Mdf, wood or painted doors

  Biesse and Viet deliver the Opera R: The only automated solution for sanding MDF doors with flat
  center panel, as well as removal of cross grain scratching of solid wood doors. The “Patented” Viet
  Opera R delivers high quality sanding results normally only obtained from manual hand sanding but in
  an automated way.




  Cefka Inert Coating Technology by Sorbini
  Inert Coating Technology is a new surface and edge-finishing process that turns low-cost material
  into high-value panel products in just a few steps while saving you money on coatings, energy and
  floor space. ICT is a heat free UV curing process. The system applies a durable sealer coating on
  inexpensive raw materials; MDF, OSB chipboard, honeycomb and more.
  Doucet In-Motion Crosscut Saw

  The DOUCET IN-MOTION CROSSCUT SAW executes up to 8 cuts per second at a throughput
  speed up to 400 feet per minute, without pausing the cycle to execute the cuts. Combining length
  accuracy with an outstanding cut quality, the DSS-400 is the first crosscutting saw fast enough to
  keep up with high speed moulders.







  Fastenlink™ is a hidden connector system that joins materials in a fast, economical and innovative way.
  Using standard woodworking equipment, Fastenlink™ simplifies your manufacturing, reduces a large
  percentage of assembly labor and delivers a finished product free of exposed fasteners. With
  Fastenlink™, you will never manually insert fasteners again.

  Giben by Anderson

  The new model GS CNC router offers linear motor technology on both X and Y axis for incredible
  speeds for both positioning and machining. On a typical nest, the movements are done in a fraction
  of the time required on a conventional machine due to the instantaneous reactions, aggressive
  accelerations and higher top speeds.






  Ltronic is HOLZ-HER's completely integrated solution for processing laser edging. With Ltronic,  
  users obtain a cost-effective alternative to laser and hot-air processes. Switch it on and it's
  immediately ready for use - the new Ltronic unit does not require any heat-up time. In addition, \
  the complete system operates absolutely silent and requires no compressed air.


Holz-Her/Leitz Tooling Systems LP - Booth 6034 & 6035/Booth 5248
  Multi Tool/QuattroForm Cutterhead System

  The HOLZ-HER MultiTool System, which incorporates the innovative Leitz QuattroForm tooling,
  provides perfect results for multiple profiles. QuattroForm utilizes an innovative gear system, within
  the tool body, to automatically index diamond cutting tips to the desired radius or profile. The  
  profile needed is selected from the screen control, and MultiTool revolvers position the needed
  profile within seconds. The tool change process is completely automatic and accomplished via NC
  servos for 100% accuracy and repeatability.





  Paul Rapid Optimizing Crosscut Saw

  The PAUL Rapid machine offers an innovative 2 sawblades cutting station with a revolutionary waste
  disposal system to allow high speed cutting, with speeds up to 1500 ft per minute, and integrated
  vision scanner to achieve high yields and low labor requirements from one manufacturer.

  ProfilCut Q Premium Cutterhead System
  Leitz ProfilCut Q Premium is the fastest and most precise insert system available. Precision knife seating
  prevents knife movement due to centrifugal forces, providing unmatched performance and allowing the
  tools to safely operate at cutter speeds up to 120 meters per second, which is a full 50% faster than
  competing insert systems.






  Polaris Compression

  The Polaris Compression is the latest generation of compression spiral cutting tools from LMT Onsrud LP for
  the routing of panel materials.

  Specifically designed for significantly longer tool life in high pressure laminates and fire rated panels, the
  Polaris Compression uses optimized cutting geometry and wear resistant coating to minimize tool wear in all
  panel materials.

  The innovations used to accomplish this longer tool life include a new PVD coating designed to reduce edge
  wear in abrasive materials and a pre-coating conditioning process designed to guarantee maximum coating
  adhesion allowing the coating to provide longer protection of the cutting edges.


Luxhammar Corporation - Booth 4421
  Luxhammar Thermal Modification Process

  Luxhammar Thermal Modification Process is environmentally-friendly method of wood treatment
  which provides durable and stable wood out of any wood specie without addition of chemicals. Only  
  heat and steam is used in Luxhammar Wood Thermal Modification Process. We provide complete  
  thermal modification plants, including power plants.







  WINBAG the most versatile and revolutionary tool on the market. WINBAG is a very powerful hand
  operated inflatable air cushion made of fiber reinforced material. Designed to provide maximum
  pressure up to 300 lbs. and can be used in a wide variety of applications. WINBAG gives users infinite
  adjusting possibilities!



  SuperSand by Riverside is a new dynamic approach to profile sanding that reduces labor, setup time,
  and an un-matched profile match to sand wood products. It's unique rubberized abrasive easily sands
  complex profiles giving a superior finish as the part exits the machine.




  Salice Air
  Air is an innovative and revolutionary hinge, which, despite its compactness and small size, delivers
  full functionality to cabinet manufacturers. Like traditional hinges, Air is fully adjustable with three
  dimensional adjustments and also incorporates an integrated soft close mechanism for  
  decelerated closing. Air is inserted into the cabinet panel and door.
  SonicAire 2.0

  SonicAire® has a mission to eliminate the problems with combustible fugitive dust. This is a key safety
  concern for wood manufacturers. The SonicAire 2.0, designed for wood processors, is the only proactive
  engineered solution to prevent overhead dust accumulation. The result? Continuous compliance to OSHA
  regulations for combustible dust.







  WOOD-ED Table

  WOOD-ED Table is the unique virtual training table that simulates 4 different types of machines (band
  saws, dimensioning saws, planer and router). This advanced equipment provides the student with a
  fully immersive experience of its activity. It tracks the user’s hand motion and provides him with a
  realistic 3-D vision of the tool and wood materials. Furthermore, a unique force feedback system
  recreates the real feeling of wood cutting.



    Raptor Polymer Composite Nails

  RAPTOR® non-metal nails completely eliminate damage to sawblades, bits and abrasives caused
  by metal nails. Use RAPTOR® for CNC or door manufacturing and cut or sand right through them.
  Additionally, RAPTOR® nails do not need to be countersunk and leave no holes to putty because
  they cannot rust or stain.





  Weinig System Plus

  The all new Weinig System Plus gives customers who manufacture mouldings the ability to
  operate in the most efficient, flexible, and profitable way possible. The unique combination of
  software and machinery creates a manufacturing environment that is unmatched in the