Tuesday – Friday | August 25-28, 2020

Georgia World Congress Center | Atlanta, GA | USA

The Urban Wood Revolution Is Now! Come Join the Movement

Date: Friday, August 24th from 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM

Session Code: NBS4
Location: C206

Sponsored by: Wood-Mizer, Richelieu, Dynabrade Inc. and Safety Speed Manufacturing

Presented by: The Urban Wood Network


Jennifer Alger, CEO of Far West Forest Products, Sheridan, CA, representing Urban Salvaged & Reclaimed Woods
Joe Lehnen, Forest Utilization & Marketing Specialist, Virginia Department of Forestry representing Virginia Urban Wood Group
Dwayne Sperber, owner of Wudeward Urban Forest Products of Milwaukee, WI, representing the Urban Wood Network
Rich Christianson: Communications Director: Illinois Wood Utilization Team and Owner: Richson Media LLC 

The urban wood movement is expanding as more local, state and regional networks take root across the U.S. and Canada. These urban wood supply chains unite private and public landowners, tree care professionals, sawyers, woodworkers and others who embrace the environmental and economic benefits of putting felled landscape and community trees to their highest possible use instead of seeing them enter the waste stream. At the upper end of the spectrum, the most desirable urban trees are being milled as lumber used to make custom furniture, cabinets, flooring and other wood products.

This session represents a golden opportunity for woodworkers, lumber suppliers and others with an entrepreneurial vision to learn how to join the urban wood movement. Presenters include representatives of three organizations leading urban wood movements in their specific regions: Urban Wood Network, Midwest; Virginia Urban Wood Group, Southeast; and the Urban Salvaged & Reclaimed Woods, West Coast. The expert panelists will provide first-hand information on creating profitable and unique products from urban lumber and slabs. Rich Christianson, communications director of the Illinois Wood Utilization Team and formerly editorial director of Woodworking Network, will moderate the program. 
Seminar highlights include:

  •  The unique source local/buy local marketing appeal of urban wood products and the interesting stories they tell.
  •  The environmental advantages of utilizing urban wood.
  •  How to find local sources of urban wood.
  •  How to join or start a local urban wood network.
  •  An opportunity to get answers to your questions from our expert panel.

Note: While admission to this program is free, advanced registration is required to guarantee a seat.
About the Speakers:


Jennifer Algeris CEO of Far West Forest Products of Sheridan, CA, a family-owned business that actively works to promote the use of local native species and underutilized logs including reclaimed urban wood. For almost two decades she has been a regional representative for Wood-Mizer portable sawmills. She has presented at several urban log and lumber utilization workshops and seminars focused on marketing, growing and operating a small sawmill business. Recently Jennifer has formed and is the president of Urban Salvaged and Reclaimed Woods, the West Coast’s first urban lumber trade network. 



Joe Lehnen is a Forest Utilization & Marketing Specialist, coordinating the Urban Wood Program for the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Joe led the effort to establish the formation of the VA Urban Wood Group in 2017. He attained his BS degree in Forestry/Wildlife Management from Purdue University and has worked for the VA Department of Forestry since 1979. Joe has spent most of his career as an Area Forester for the Shenandoah Valley work area, where he and his family live west of Woodstock near Dunkel’s Grove.



Dwayne Sperberis the owner and founder of Wudeward Urban Forest Products, a commercial supplier of Wisconsin Urban Wood lumber for architects, designers, builders, and wood product producers. He also is the state lead for Wisconsin of the Urban Wood Network.



Rich Christiansonis the communications director of the Illinois Wood Utilization Team (IL WUT) and owner of Richson Media LLC, a Chicago-based communications firm focused on the industrial woodworking sector. Rich is the former long-time editorial director and associate publisher of Woodworking Network. During his more than 30-year career Rich has toured over 200 woodworking plants throughout North America, Europe and Asia and has written extensively on woodworking technology, design and supply trends. In his capacity with IL WUT, Rich has written dozens of articles focused on urban wood utilization.