Tuesday – Friday | August 25-28, 2020

Georgia World Congress Center | Atlanta, GA | USA

Leading Change, Top Management's Role in a Lean Manufacturing Transformation

Date: Thursday, August 23rd from 9:00am - 10:30am

Session Code: MFG4
Location: C206

Presented by:
LJ OKeefe, Inc.

Speaker: Larry O'Keefe, President: LJ OKeefe, Inc.

A discussion on the roles and responsibilities of top management necessary for successful lean manufacturing implementation;

• Challenge the organization to the ideal condition
        -  Highlighting or creating the need to change
        -  Respond to the need
                ∙ Short term and long term
                ∙ Performance indicators/measures
                ∙ Support structures
                ∙ Breaking down obstacles
                ∙ Encouraging through organizational culture
• Create an environment where the shop floor can manage itselfVisual factory
        - Visual factory
        - People development
        - Decisions made on shop floor



About the Speaker: With over 20 years experience in Lean, the past 8 as a consultant,Larry O'Keefehas led/ facilitated multiple lean transformations. Client companies experience significant improvements in all manufacturing metrics.
His early lean journey was highlighted in MERCHANTS OF VIRTUE by Bill Birchard, 2011.
Atsushi Niimi, President and CEO Toyota Motor Manufacturing North American, mentioned Larry’s work at Herman Miller in a speech during Manufacturing Week in Chicago, February 24, 2004.
Larry was mentored by the experts from the Toyota Supplier Support Center (TSSC) and has personally led the multiple lean transformations as both an operations executive and lean manufacturing leader. This experience provided an in depth working knowledge of how to apply the tools and philosophies of lean manufacturing based on the TPS.