Tuesday – Friday | August 25-28, 2020

Georgia World Congress Center | Atlanta, GA | USA

LEAN Strategies for Small Shops

Date: Thursday, August 23rd from 3:30 PM - 5:30 PM

Session Code: MFG17

Location: B308

Sponsored by: KCD Software

Presented by: Cabinet Makers Association - CMA

Brad Cairns, Partner: The Center for Lean Learning/President: Best Damn Doors
This session will begin by explaining what LEAN is and why it continues to impact the woodworking industry. You’ll learn about LEAN strategies for small- to medium-sized shops and come away with methods you can take home and use to gain traction with your crew. These approaches will help you understand and embrace LEAN practices that will lead to immediate gains throughout your company. You’ll also learn why the culture shift fails so often in smaller companies and how to avoid this fate with your implementation. This session will get you fired up and ready to rock and roll with LEAN! Brad will share why LEAN is his passion and what it has done for his businesses. You will leave this session understanding how to kick your corporate culture into high gear and grow your profits while simultaneously reducing your stress. This course is for ANYONE who builds ANYTHING: waste doesn’t discriminate!



About the Speaker: Brad Cairns registered his first woodworking company at the age of 16. In his own words “there was just no other path for me, I love to build stuff”. Having done display cabinetry, full museum galleries, store fixtures (for large chains), Residential kitchens, component manufacturing & commercial millwork. After 25 years in business, he brings a vast knowledge of the woodworking industry.

His personal BHAG (Big Hairy audacious goal) is to transform the woodworking industry back into a fun and profitable sector of North American manufacturing.

An avid student of TPS (Toyota production systems) & TOC (Theory of Constraints) these combined manufacturing principles are the basis of his approach to business.

“Travelling the globe learning, and then being fortunate enough to be able to share that knowledge in a manner that helps transform companies and lives is what makes every second worth it”. – Brad Cairns, President Signature Wood Systems, Lean maniac.

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