August 25 - 28, 2020

Georgia World Congress Center | Atlanta, GA | USA

Managing Your Soft Assests - Advanced Manufacturing Processes for Managing Your CAD Component Designs and More

Date: Wednesday, August 22nd from 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM

Session Code: MFG11

Location: B312

Presented by:

Speakers: Randy Becker, Manufacturing Automation Consultant: Nexbridge Inc.

As Automation increases in manufacturing, the need to put advanced processes in place to keeping track of your soft assets (engineering diagrams, plans, component designs, CNC programs, becomes critical to a company’s ability to function. Of key importance is having processes in place to know exactly what is changing, who can review and approve those changes, and enabling the collaboration of multiple people and divisions. The increased automation has meant that manufacturing design is becoming more and more like the software industry; fortunately, there are proven “tried and true” processes used in the software industry than can be directly transferred to CNC-based manufacturing.

This session will describe standard policies and processes the need to be in place to support managing designs. A few examples of using these processes will be demonstrated using off-the-shelf manufacturing products. The examples will also use Cloud-based configuration management systems to illustrate how collaboration between people and divisions is accomplished, including electronic design reviews and signoffs, deployment of approved component packages, and maintenance of design histories. The session will also outline how these processes offer the side-benefit of helping companies protect themselves from accidental internal human errors, and outside threats like Ransomware.

Attendees will be exposed to real-world situations using standard products. They will gain an understanding of design development and approval lifecycles, how to maintain histories, and how to get started putting the needed infrastructure in place to move to these processes.

Randall Becker is an expert, with over 20 years of experience in the field of software configuration management process design, and has spent the past few years implementing advanced manufacturing processes using these techniques in closet manufacturing and production companies. Randall has no financial affiliation with any of the companies or products being used for examples at this session (e.g., Git, Atlassian, Mozaik).

About the Speakers:


Randy Beckerhas been serving as an automation consultant involved in CNC implementation and management for closet company clients. He is an expert in the Software Development Life-Cycle and is a high-tech guru in high-reliability technology environments where he has run his own consulting firm, Nexbridge Inc., since 1999. Nexbridge specializes is providing products and solutions for managing software research and development, IT assets, engineering assets, and operating processes. Mr. Becker also participates in cultivating scientific research and development tax credits for factories adopting advanced manufacturing techniques.