August 25 - 28, 2020

Georgia World Congress Center | Atlanta, GA | USA

Intellectual Property 201 for the Woodworking Professional/Artist/Inventor: Patent Processing and Strategies

Date: Friday, August 24th from 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Session Code:

Location: B312

Presented by: Brad Czerwonky

Brad Czerwonky, Patent Agent: Taylor English Duma LLP


• Different types of IP protection (including actual examples from within the woodworking industry)
What is a Patent?
Review the different parts of a patent
Reasons to get (or not to get) a Patent (depending largely on the type of patent)  
            - Reasons for large companies
Reasons for small companies and start‐ups
            - Reasons for non‐profits
            - Reasons to not file at all

• Differences between patentability and infringement
• Differences between different kinds of patent searches
• Patenting Process (with colored flowcharts)
• Patent Examination Process (with colored flowchart)
• Questions to ask an IP professional (and expectations to have of them and yourself during the patenting process)
• Basic terminology (to help understand the patenting process)
• Design Patent primer
• Ways to reduce the cost of a patent application
• Ways to expedite a patent application (including some options that do not require the payment of extra fees)


Main points to remember
            - Patents are ultimately a business tool to be used carefully and wisely
            - The patenting process can be long and winding but can be understood
            - Ask questions when you need help
            - Ignoring IP issues will not make them go away


About the Speaker:Brad Czerwonky,a patent agent with the law firm Taylor English in Atlanta, Brad Czerwonky previously worked in new product development as a mechanical engineer and project manager for nearly 16 years and has had a passion for woodworking ever since he got his first pocket knife (and his first stitches…). From building a violin, to fabricating wooden refrigerator molds, to designing and making toy planes and custom signs, he enjoys trying new projects. As a patent agent, he particularly enjoys discussing all things related to design and the creative process and helping others learn about IP. Having lived and traveled across the U.S. and overseas, Brad also speaks Japanese (and very rusty German) and welcomes any and all to join this interesting conversation.