Tuesday – Friday | August 25-28, 2020

Georgia World Congress Center | Atlanta, GA | USA

The Power of Leadership: Keeping Employees Inspired for the Long Run

Date: Friday, August 24th from 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Session Code: BMG29

Location: B305

Sponsored by: KCD Software

Presented by: Cabinet Makers Association - CMA

Guy Bucey, COO: Inova
Inova is a leading manufacturer and innovator in the furniture industry, focusing on the hospitality, contract, multi-family, student housing and military markets. Inova products are designed to make the most of today’s flexible lifestyles; founded in 2001 by Loren Sherman, Inova now has 45 employees.

About the Speakers:



Guy Bucey, is a 32-year old decorated Marine who served two deployments in Iraq. After retiring from the military, he took up woodworking as a therapeutic hobby and even entertained the idea of starting his own custom cabinetry business. In the summer of 2011, he joined Inova, whose factory is located outside of Albany, NY. The company designs and manufactures multifunctional, space-saving furniture, specializing in modern day Murphy-Beds. He saw the opportunity as a chance to learn the business side of carpentry and expand on his woodworking prowess. However, he quickly filled a void the company had in management. He was hired as an assembler, was promoted to team leader in subassembly, then supervisor and now leads operations for the entire facility as the Director of Operations.

In the fall of 2015, with the prospects of increased sales and rapid growth coming to Inova’s near future, Guy decided it was time for the Inova team and himself to adopt and fully embrace the Lean Manufacturing philosophy and all that goes with it. Guy has studied the philosophy from the creators of lean in Japan and has submersed himself in the thought process. Since then, the factory has more than doubled in size and capacity, while increasing employee morale and decreasing turnover by over 80%. He was nominated by Inova’s CEO and received a spot on the “Wood Industry 40 Under 40” list, sponsored by Woodworking Network and the Wood Machinery Manufacturers of America.

In his spare time, Guy enjoys running, biking and swimming, and considers himself an avid triathlete. He recently completed his first Ironman Triathlon in Lake Placid. He also enjoys rehabbing old racing bicycles, doing home improvement projects and spending time with his wife, who also works at Inova, and their two young children, in upstate New York.

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