August 25 - 28, 2020

Georgia World Congress Center | Atlanta, GA | USA

How to Create New Forms of Value, at Every Level, to Create a Culture of Innovation that Will Improve Profits and Differentiate Your Brand

Date: Thursday, August 23rd from 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Session Code: BMG21
Location: C206

Presented by: CAKE Performance Group

Ken Olan, CEO CAKE Performance Group & Co-Founder, ExactMats, Inc.

Innovation, at its core, is the process and the result of creating new forms of relevant value.  It can occur at all levels, and within any function, of an organization where a new approach, product, or process can change mediocrity into a differentiated winning strategy. The most innovative companies don’t simply play the game better; they change the rules forcing the competition to keep up with them.

Innovation in employee engagement improves productivity. New forms of customer engagement can improve loyalty and purchasing behavior. Marketing innovation helps a company more effectively and efficiently attract and retain profitable customers. Innovating distribution can uncover better ways to please customers while shaving costs. Supply chains, finance, customer service, sales and virtually every other key element  of a company can be improved through innovations. The key to becoming an innovative organization starts with a vision and desire of top leadership to drive it. To do so, leadership requires both philosophies and tools to make innovation happen. That is where this workshop will focus.



About the Speaker:Ken Olanis CEO of CAKE Performance Group, a Houston,Texas based consultancy. Ken is known for innovation across multiple industries, bringing his unique approach to value creation to organizations across the US and Europe.
Ken is also Co-Founder of ExactMats, Inc., a company launched in 1997 to deliver on an unaddressed automotive market need. It created precise-fitting, clear vinyl mats that protect carpteted factory mats from dirt and damage, while allowing consumers to maintain the original look and feel of their vehicle.
More recently Ken saw another opportunity to create value. He developed the world’s first see-through, ready-fit, FDA-compliant, liners and mats that protect cabinetry drawers and shelves, furniture and other vulnerable home and office surfaces; all using ExactMats existing technology and infrastructure.
Before entering consulting, Ken was Chief Retail and Marketing Officer for two Texas-based regional banks; Amegy and First Victoria.  In 2010, he was one of three banking leaders, globally, honored for the presitgious BAI “Mavericks in Banking Award. ” His reputation for creativity, and for never being satisfied with the status quo, sparked multiple innovations in an otherwise commoditized industry.
Since leaving banking in 2013, Ken has continued to work with multiple industries to reinvent product development, marketing, sales, operations, process improvement, customer service, employee engagement and more, enabling  organizations to use more of their potential to create and monetize new forms of value.
Ken is richly involved in community service and has a passion for helping others succeed. He is a graduate of Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business and resides in the Houston area with his wife, Susan.