Tuesday – Friday | August 25-28, 2020

Georgia World Congress Center | Atlanta, GA | USA

Anticipating and Overcoming Predictable Barriers to Growth

Date: Friday, August 24th from 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Session Code: BMG17
Location: B308

Presented by: The Metiss Group

Speaker: Cyndi Gave, President: The Metiss Group

In this fast-paced, enlightening workshop, you will learn the predictable and simplified barriers of growth that impact organizations of all sizes. Leaders will walk away with knowledge of the specific challenges they are currently facing amid the noise and distraction that surround them.

During the session we will:

• Overview the 7 Stages of Growth
• Understand the barriers and challenges in each stage
• Discover the different leadership styles required in each stage
• Anticipate the obstacles in the next Stage of Growth

Value to Members: Coming out of the session, participants will be able to easily clarify growth issues they are currently facing. From there, they will be able to easily align their management team to look at past stages of growth, examine where they are currently, and look forward to the next stage. Executive teams will have a clear understanding of what lies ahead and can create a strategic plan to prepare!



About the Speaker:Cyndi Gavehas been leading The Metiss Group since 1996, but learned her passion for people long before. Raised outside of New York City, Cyndi earned a degree in Communications from Michigan State University where she taught public speaking as an undergrad for two years. Cyndi’s human behavior studies started first with an international temporary staffing company, reshaping their job matching and business model to earn the branch Profit Center of The Year.  Cyndi would go on to hold executive roles in HR departments for automotive, property management, distribution, publishing, and robotics industries. She has demonstrated her passion for aligning talent management strategies to business objectives throughout her whole career.
A business leader at heart, Cyndi has found her niche to impact business results best through advising leaders in their quest for an effective employee selection process, the means to accelerate employee performance, and strengthening organizational health.  Cyndi is the true driver of The Metiss Group and has expanded The Metiss Group’s proven processes from Metro Detroit to all of North America. 

Cyndi is a certified resource for Vistage in North America and is also a repeated speaker to EO, Renaissance Executive Forum, Convene, and countless industry groups.  When not traveling, Cyndi can be found as close to the ocean as possible or on the golf course!

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